The New Yorker

As many of college football’s top quarterbacks huddled around him and a few of high-school football’s élite passers peered from nearby seats, Peyton Manning proceeded through a motion he has completed more than nine thousand times in seventeen N.F.L. seasons, something monotonous to witness if not for privileged proximity: he dropped back to pass. read more

The Atlantic

In choosing Trebek, a Canadian with an extensive résumé as a failed game-show emcee, as the host, Griffin made a prescient, if unlikely, choice. By the time he joined Jeopardy!, Trebek had moderated seven game shows in 15 years, including the likes of Music Hop and Battlestars. It’s possible that instability preceding the Jeopardy! job influenced Trebek to be more risk-averse, and if so, it only enhanced the show’s aura. With an inscrutable, polite persona and packaged asides, Trebek fit perfectly in a program without characters, storylines, or action, a show that starred the audience at home. read more


As dawn rolled in on a Saturday in August, Hal Mumme jogged toward the practice field at Southern Methodist, sweat beaded below his visor, a towel draped around his neck. He slowed his pace to nod at a couple of high school coaches by the field’s entrance, men who had traversed Texas to make sense of the fuss at SMU. read more